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• The Leader Hôtels group (created in 1986 by Daniel Arnoux and Patrick Vial-Collet) is one of the few independent hotel chains in the French Caribbean.
Leader Hôtels manages 7 hotels in the French Caribbean (6 hotels on Guadeloupe) and exclusively markets 3 hotels (3 hotels at Saint-Barthélemy) ; a total of more than 800 bedrooms.
• A specific brand name « Des Hôtels et des Iles » was created in 1991 by Carole Adam to manage the Sales & Marketing and promotion of the hotels in Europe, the United States, Canada and Latin America (T/O : 15 million euros).
• This strategy has created a diversified client base ; not less than 11 nationalities were represented during New Year celebrations across all the group’s hotels.
The 8 « Des Hôtels et des Iles » hotels are divided into 4 categories allowing a complete range of services to be offered, to better respond to the client requirements :
· Hôtels de charme : – Le Jardin Malanga (Guadeloupe) – Hôtel La Toubana (Guadeloupe) – Le Tom Beach Hôtel (Saint-Barthélemy).
· Leissure Hôtels – La Créole Beach Hôtel & Spa (Guadeloupe) – Le Mahogany Hôtel Résidence & Spa (Guadeloupe)
· Discovery hotels – Bwa Chik Hôtel & Golf (Guadeloupe)
· Luxury hotels Le Manapany Cottages & Spa (Saint-Barthélemy)
• The Leader Hôtels Group offers to proprietors, promoters and hotel investors, a range of services allowing them to optimize the profitability of the investments which they have made.
• The quality of the training of the staff, the irreplaceable experience of the area and the marketing performance are the keys to success of the Leader Hôtels Group. The rigorous definition of the different management and marketing policies and a permanent technical assistance secures, perpetuates and valorizes your investment.
DES HOTELS & DES ILES Guadeloupe Hotels – Saint-Barthelemy Hotels – Saint Maarten – 120, rue la Boetie – 75008 Paris – FRANCE Reservation by phone : +33 (0)1 42 56 46 98 Email : info@deshotelsetdesiles.com